Who Are Tiny Cat Media?

Born out of a passion for digital media, a love of words and an itch to dive back into a creative career, Tiny Cat Media was founded on the very beautiful Isle of Wight.  Our aim is to help businesses be the best version of their digital selves possible.

We are creative people, aiming to help businesses thrive in the digital world.  With a long history of technical and computer experience, we are able to bridge the gap between the digital revolution and bricks and mortar businesses.  Primarily we are content creation specialists with a flair and passion for social media.

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Karen Longhurst

Karen is the owner and creative lead in Tiny Cat Media.  She has many years of experience in the I.T. industry and has been creating digital content for longer than she would like to publicly admit!

With a strong passion for supporting and encouraging local business, and the knowledge and experience to be able to do it successfully, Tiny Cat was the result of a leap of faith back into a job that she loves doing.

Other interests include baking, spin classes, glitter and anything furry.


Why The Name Tiny Cat?

Our name came from our very own tiny cat – Miss  Muffet, aka Moo.  We’re equally impressed by dogs, rabbits, giraffes and turtles, but they didn’t wander into the room while we were naming the company!  She is a tiny tortoise shell who rules the roost and makes her own rules up as she goes.  If you don’t like Moo, we cant be friends!

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