It’s All About The Content

If you’ve ever looked, even briefly, into the topic of marketing, you’ll have come across the phrase “content marketing”.  But what actually is it?

Driven by the popularity and success of digital marketing, content marketing involves creating and sharing online content such as blogs, videos, social media posts and images.  They don’t need to be specifically about the brand that you’re marketing but are designed to create an engagement between a business and a potential customer, which then sparks interest in a product or service.

For a great content marketing campaign, a thorough and well researched knowledge of the market sector and intended audience is essential.   Through research and careful curation, you can create compelling content that targets exactly the audience you want to reach.  By producing that compelling content campaign, it’s possible to attract strangers and turn them into fans, and then paying clients.

All sounds simple right?  Not entirely!  With the increase in the volume of business relying on digital marketing to vie for their place on your screen, there has been a shift in the pattern of what is being asked for and expected in terms of content.

Where a blog post, like this for example, or a series of posts on Facebook may have been enough before, market leaders are looking for more creative and imaginative ways to express themselves in order for their content to gain traction.  For example, video is rapidly becoming the king of content, and live streaming is catching more peoples attention then ever before.  In 2018 Facebook Live broadcast watch times quadrupled!   They also receive six times as many interactions as regular videos on the platform – making a live stream the most effective video format for brand awareness and promotion.

It’s not all about the video though, the range of options for a great content campaign can include interactive tools like quizzes and polls, downloadable worksheets and white papers, webinars and many more shiny offerings are available in the digital marketers toolbox.

The key to digital success is great content, delivered well and in a timely manner.   If you can achieve this, you can grow your audience, help build reputation and trust in your business, educate and engage with your existing clients, convert a lead into a sale and much more.

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