Why The Name Tiny Cat?

We usually have no problem letting our creative juices flow, and have helped brand and name a variety of clients businesses.  When it came to naming our own, it was a very different matter!

There are a lot of considerations when it comes to deciding on a company name.

  • Is it unique?
  • Is it registered with companies house?
  • Are there relevant domain names available?
  • Can you get the correct social media tags?
  • Does it represent the character of your business?
  • Will it attract potential clients, or deter them?

We always knew we wanted something a little different, that would cover all aspects of the business that we wanted to build.  And then inspiration hit … our cat walked into the office!


Our name came from our very own tiny cat – Miss Muffet, aka Moo.

She is a tiny tortoise shell who rules the roost and makes her own rules up as she goes, and she always knows how to be comfortable!  She’s playful, very chatty and likes to get everyone’s attention.  In fact, she perfectly represents the values of Tiny Cat Media.
We’re equally impressed by dogs, rabbits, giraffes and turtles, but they didn’t wander into the room while we were naming the company!
If you don’t like Moo, we cant be friends!

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